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Watch assembly

On behalf of Swiss and international industrial clients, we carry out all watch assembly tasks (finishing, casing up, T2), from movements to dials and from the fitting of the hands to casing-up (emboîtage) and fitting the watch strap (T3).
Besides constant visual verifications, our services include checking the running of the movement as well as various in-depth tests (for example water resistance). Only perfectly regulated and carefully tested watches pass our final control. Our services also include watch case (glass, bezel, tubes, etc.) and watch strap assembly.

Watch movement work

Besides classic assembly tasks (finishing), we also take care of the assembly of modules and complications. We specialise in servicing and converting movements (alterations to disc and hand height). We also offer finishing work (movement covers).


We are a certified service centre for well-known watch brands. We also repair watches for industrial clients (customer service). If necessary, we can carry out various repairs.

Other services

In addition to our key competences, our services also include the inspection of incoming products and components, inventory and administration of components, movements and finished watches, as well as export administration and worldwide shipping.